Saved From a Strange Entity
Submitted by Alex

One night many months ago now I had an interesting, frightening and confusing experience.

I was asleep in my room, and I woke up (or I think in reality I dreamt I woke up) feeling a presence, a definite strong presence, the room was thrumming with it. Suddenly with little warning or subtlety a dull glowing translucent figure shot out from behind me where the window is. It was poorly formed and had a head and torso but no distinguishable arms or legs, it just tapered off. No features to the head either (e.g. no eyes). It was a translucent yellow colour that was like a lensing effect; to make a poor analogy a bit like the featureless outline of the creature in the movie Predator with its cloak on, but more imperfect and with a definite dull white/yellow tinge.

It was literally buzzing and thrumming with energy, it shot out from behind me and in a rapid movement took up position hovering above me. I was completely flabbergasted and shocked. It then seemed to try to attack, at least I think it did. It was like it was aggressively trying to head-butt me over and over. Whenever its "face" came near I could hear the electric buzzing of energy and my skin tingled. Fortunately it didnít seem to be able to hurt me directly, at least I didnít feel any pain.

I was terrified, so I naturally did the least logical thing and tried to grab it to hold it away with both hands. Instead of passing through it was a even more of a shock when I manged to actually get hold of it - at least very loosely.

It as so strange. It felt alive and very odd, it was definitely not solid but it exerted a force that I could feel and act on just like the feeling of holding two similar poles of a pair of magnets together so they repel. And it thrummed with a strong vibration.

The presence seemed to stop its offensive or whatever it was trying to achieve at that point, and, well - it just started moving and twisting about. I had "hold" of it with both hands about around its middle, which sort of thinned down where I grabbed it so it could fit in my hands, like squeezing a long party ballon in the middle. It sort of moved and twisted about as I had hold of it.

The whole experience from the start might have gone on for 20 seconds. I managed to get my head together and tried to do the only thing I thought would help in this completely bizarre situation - I prayed for help (I'm sort of an agnostic, but I try to have some faith and just can't or perhaps don't want to accept that we're here on this earth alone). I think I recited something like "Please hear me Jesus and help me. Please banish this evil spirit or presense and protect me" (or something similar - I cannot remember). For a few seconds nothing, but then - whump! - I was completely alone and fully alert as if nothing had ever happened. I've never shot out of a dream so quick.

I suspect I was just having a nightmare; if I was I shot out of the dream like a bullet and woke up fully alert at that point as if I were never asleep. I'm really not sure what to make of it. In either case i'm glad he heard my cry for help!

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