Beware the Fallen Angels
Submitted by Allan

I grew up in a dysfunctional family wrought with alcoholism. By the time I was in my teens, I was beaten. Life wasn't meant to be like this. Suicide seemed to be the answer, death must be better than this.

My grandma took me to Sunday School when I was a kid, so I thought I'd say a prayer and tell God I was coming. So, I got on my knees in the woods where I had gone to do the deed, and was startled by a being in my presence. Human words cannot describe what he looked like. I just don't think our minds can comprehend these beings who exist in other dimensions. But he spoke his name, and I have not said it for 33 years out of the fear that it instilled in me. I will write it for the benefit of this letter, but in the name of Jesus, do not repeat it. You don't want it in your life. Thatchmaroo, is what it called itself. He posed as an angel of light, offering to help, but in reality, almost drove me to insanity in a matter of minutes.

Now what I'm about to tell you is one of those things I was talking about that I don't think our earthly brains can fathom but I'll try. I don't know if I was carried away to another plane or dimension, but I was shown a book. And this book had every second of my life recorded in it almost like cartoons do. And as the pages turned, each second of my life ticked off. But the horrible thing was that my life was already written, and I had no hope. But it said that it could change the book for me if I would do the things it had for me to do.

At this point I realized from the little church I had experienced, that this was no angel. Well an angel yes, but one of the fallen ones. So I tried to escape but I was still subject to the book he had, and every step I took, every thought I had, every word I spoke, was predetermined and I was trapped in this nightmare. My only thought was to fall to the ground and never move again, then I wouldn't be subject to this psychological torture. So that was my plan. I laid on the ground on my face and didn't move for hours, afraid that even the slightest twitch would turn another page. But while I was on my face I cried, GOD, WHY DO YOU HATE ME I'M JUST A DUMB KID WHO NEVER HURT ANYBODY? Then, a light so bright appeared that even with my eyes shut as tight as I could get them I was blinded by its power. And in fear I didn't open them but I heard this voice just tear into that being saying things that caused it to scream and beg to be allowed to leave. And then it was over. And I kept my eyes shut for fear of what was still there. But I felt what I thought was a hand on my back and a voice in my ear that said YOU CAN GET UP AND GO HOME, I CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER TRUST ME. And a few days later, a coworker told me about the saving grace of JESUS, and I have had a most wonderful life, full of love and happiness with a beautiful wife and wonderful children and even the alcohol that ruled my parents lives was defeated. Praise God and his faithful son, Jesus.

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