God's Blessing "Angels"
Submitted by Amabel

I was around 12yrs old. I was standing up on a swing trying to go higher & higher. I remember how the day was extra beautiful and for some reason I wanted to touch the sky, so higher and higher I went. I was standing on the seat of the swing, holding on to the chains when all of a sudden, I realized that from the jerk of the swing the chains had slipped out of my hands and the swing started flowing into the backward motion. (Lord only knows how at that very moment I felt fear like never before) I was falling backward down toward the ground when all of a sudden I felt as though someone had a hold of me from behind, keeping me from falling. With the Grace of God & the Angels my hands had gotten a hold of the chains & the swing kind of jerked and I was standing up right on the seat of the swing. I remember sitting down on the seat of the swing and slowly coming to a halt thinking "Thank You Lord for watching over me". I have never stood on swing since.

God had sent his Angels to protect me that day.(it was not my time)

Thank You Lord for making the Angels an extension of You! :O)

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