My Friend the Angel
Submitted by Angela

My friend Debbie has just passed away 9/21/05. Debbie was the type of lady who always saw the good in people and opened up her heart to all. Debbie always talked about angels and the love angels give, everything Debbie gave out as gifts had to do with Angels.

When I heard the news that she had passed away I was in the middle of leaving town for hurricane Rita that was headed towards our city. I ended up in a small town with my family and we went out to walk around and my mother saw a small little used bookstore and wanted to go in. I said I really did not feel like going inside, but I went along. Once inside the store I again said I really don't want to be in here and headed for the door. I stopped near the front door and was looking at a shelf as I looked down I saw a book that was laying there called THE ANGEL BOOK...A Handbook for Aspiring Angels.... I picked it up and started reading it and couldn't let go of the book so I purchased it. My mom said that it was my friend Debbie that left the book there for me to have and to help me remember all the love and joy she shared with us all.

As I read from the book I cried, but the more I read the less hurt I felt in my heart over the loss of her. I miss her so much and I find that the more I read this book the less I cry and think about all the good times we shared so thank you Debbie for the book!

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