The Angel Park
Submitted by "Grammie"

My little granddaughter spoke clearly at a very early age. One day when she was 2 1/2 yrs old, we visited the cemetary to find the grave of an acquaintance who had just been buried. We passed my Dad's gravesite. A few yards past, she began yelling from her carseat behind me. "Grammie, Angel!Angel! See him? See him,Grammie?" Thinking she'd seen a statue or an image on a stone, I asked, "Where, Honey?" Very excitedly she said "Back there, back there!! See him?!" So, I turned around to go back to see where this angel was. She kept chattering about "back there!" We passed the corner, opposite my Dad's grave. She began to coo in a comforting tone..."Aw, don't cry Baby." I said.."A baby is crying?" She said, "yes, Baby is cold." Then she said,"Hi Lady" and I said, "What Lady, Honey." She said, "Lady put towel on Baby. Baby not crying now." When I realized where I was, it gave me goosebumps on my flesh. My little granddaughter had seen angels! We had been passing the gravesite of three infants..two were brothers who were stillborn!

I have no doubt that this little child had glimpsed a bit of Heaven that day...and ever since, she has called any cemetary "The Angel Park".

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