Submitted by Anita

In 2006, or 2007 my oldest sister who lived in Georgia was very ill and in intensive care. I had not seen her in 20 years or so. I went to see her and she did not appear to reconize me, but yet when I would talk to her about things we did because after we were both married, we stayed close (and did everything together) she would be very still and then she would shake her head no and cry. She could not talk anymore. We came back home to Texas. That night as I prayed with a heavy heart, I asked to have his way. I fell asleep finally then woke again, I saw Jesus at the foot of her bed and went around her right side, stopped at her head looked down at her and shook his head as if saying yes, he went all the way around until he was at the foot again where he started then he disappeared. So of course I was wide awake, but closed my eyes trying to sleep I had a feeling someone was watching me so I opened my eyes, I saw two Cheribums in mid air facing each other. I stayed still so not to scare them away. They were facing each other and moving their hands as if they were discussing something, but never talked. They were tiny and had beautiful dresses and the hems were laced with gold and they just glittered. They left and afterwards there was the most beautiful aroma in our bedroom, and I just cried like a baby and thanked God. Pray this blesses someone today. God Bless.

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