The Barking Dogs
Submitted by Brian J.

Ever since I was a baby I would get unbelievable nightmares. They were the most horrible thing anyone could imagine. Horror movies were nothing in comparison. When I would wake up I could 'see' images (in my mind's eye) in the darkness that looked like a black cloud with many sets of fangs nashing at me.

While I always believed in God, I also always thought that these experiences reflected psychology and not spirituality. That is to say, I thought that in time I would grow out of them.

Well, at about 35 years old I started to get fed up and started to observe them. I live on a small hobby farm and our neighbors mostly have dogs. Well, one night I woke up to my usual terror, with my sheets wet with cold sweat, to notice that when this 'presence' finally left (as it always eventually did) that it went towards Mr. Knights place and the dogs went crazy, barking into the night. I started to think that maybe this thing was real somehow. I kept track. And sure enough, every time the dogs in the direction 'it' left, would go nuts. While it tended to go one direction, other times it would go other directions and I could often hear other dogs bark in those directions too. I began to realize that the possibility was that I had been, all my life, under attack by some kind of demonic force.

Anyhow, I started to pray for help. One night, I heard this voice saying "Brian, wake up." I was in a deep sleep and didn't want to wake up. But it persisted, saying "Brian, it will be good for you if you wake up.". I must have heard the voice a dozen times and so a finally woke up, wondering who was disturbing my sleep - I was expecting a kind man of about 50 years age. I awoke to find no one except the dark essence that I would wake up to (normally) from those nightmares. And I could see the fangs and everything. But there had been no nightmare...

It seemed particularly angry, somehow, and it left and once again I could hear the dogs bark. I have never had these nightmares since. I honestly believe that God sent me an angel to help me out, it woke me at just the right time to deny my tormentor his fun and, as a result, to spare me the torture.

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