I Gave an Angel a Ride in My Car!
Submitted by Believer

I have had several Angel encounters. One that was very amazing was about three years ago when I was on my way home. I had already stopped and purchased a salad so I had no intentions of stopping for anything else. I was coming off an exit and approaching a McDonald's and all of a sudden I kept hearing something in my head telling me to stop at the McDonald's for some chocolate chip cookies. I kept saying I don't want any cookies, but the feeling was overwhelming for me. I went through the drive through and as I drove around, I saw this white guy, with a very nice tan, salt and pepper colored hair, and he was wearing tan shorts and a brown tee shirt and he had a black rubber necklace with a cross on it around his neck. I saw him holding a sign. It said 'Hungry anything will help God Bless'. I remember thinking he doesn't look homeless to me, not like most homeless people look. He looked very different, almost "angelic". I mean he had the most beautiful complexion skin, he was darker than me and he had very nice teeth and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life. I knew there was something special about him.

Anyway, I ordered my cookies and pulled up to the window, and almost drove off, but it was like God wanted me to go and assist him, so I drove back around and by this time he was sitting on the curb and a family a man, woman with her child went over to him and gave him a bag of McDonald's food. The woman looked me dead in the eye and gave me a nod as if it was my turn to take over and assist him. He was eating his food and drinking his drink and I asked him to come inside my car. I am very cautious by nature, so to allow any stranger in my car is a miracle all by itself! LoL! He sat in the front passenger seat and I started asking him questions about what he was doing out here. He told me this long story of how he walked about 20 miles from the court building to where he was and how he went to court for his girlfriend's court case. I asked him where he was going to go, and he told me he was going to walk to a truck stop in another town about another 25 to 30 miles away. I told him if he told me how to get there I would take him. He was very grateful and started speaking to me about how he had prayed for food, he got that, prayed for a ride and now I was giving him a ride. He just kept telling me that God answered all his prayers because he believed in Him.

He told me of how he always prayed and how God always answered his prayers and blessed him too. I was so amazed, because I knew at this point he was talking to me on a spiritual level. He started talking to me about forgiveness, letting go of the past, ego, and faith. Basically all the areas I needed to work on and things that no stranger would have known about me. He was a true blessing from God.

Finally we reached his destination, a truck stop. Before he got out, I asked him to pray for me, he said no but I will pray with you and smiled. He told me I would have to trust him, and I did, he extended his hand and said close your eyes. He said the most beautiful prayer and asked God to bless me. He got out of the car and before he walked off he told me that I needed to work on three things. Faith, patience and pride. I said, "Why do you believe I have too much pride"? He looked me dead in the eye and said yes and you have too much of it. I was very amazed! He also told me before walking off that I would see him again, just keep believing and having faith. I remember driving away with the most euphoric and amazing feeling a person could ever experience. I had just experienced an angel encounter and I knew it from the very moment I laid eyes on him. The sun was setting and it was the most beautiful night a person could ask for. I got home and before I looked got out, I looked down and saw that he had left his cardboard sign. I was amazed, not only did I get a angel encounter, but I also was left with a tangible reminder that it had happened. Thank you God for always giving me the most beautiful experiences in life!

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