Angel Over My House
Submitted by Belinda W.

My precious mother was dying from breast cancer. When she became too weak to live on her own I brought her to live with me. It was a labor of love to care for her. My soul had become disparaged to watch her slowly fade away from life and detach herself from this world. I slept in the same room with her and it broke my heart knowing she was dying and there was not a single thing I could do about it. I had bought several books on near death experiences and everything I could find on Heaven. One of the books I was reading was written by a doctor that took care of terminally ill children. He gave me an insight that I was not aware of and that was not to cry where my mother could hear me. Even though she was shutting down hearing is the last to go.

One night my sorrow was so unbearable that I got out of bed and went into my living room. I sat on the couch in the corner and but a big stuffed pillow over my mouth to drowned out my sobbing. I had cried many times during the past six months but nothing compared to the sorrow I was feeling this night. I cried out to God We need Angels on this street tonight. I knew that straight across the street was a single mother taking care of her 28 year old daughter that was dying from cancer also. Two houses one with a mother losing her daughter and one with a dauther losing her mother. I was an only child and my mother raised me on her own. The thought of not having her with me was unbearable. It was 3:00 in the morning when I become aware something was starting to happen and I stopped sobbing in the silenace of that night. No one but God and his angels could of known what my heart was thinking as I sat there on the couch with a pillow over my mouth to silence my tears. My thoughts were of my mother and I didn't want her to be afraid when she started her journey home. All of our life we had done everything together and even now I wanted to hold her hand and take her to Heaven so she wouldn't be afraid. Suddently I became aware that another soul was making their presence known to me and that they were aware I was crying and my heart was heavy with sorrow. That soul was the young 28 year old woman that lived across the street. I had never met her but I did her mother and the 7 year old twins boy & girl that she was leaving behind. My heart and prayers reached out to comfort her. Then I was aware of this beautiful Angel above me wearing a beautiful flowing gown and such a beautiful smile on her face and softly she said these words to me, "Don't worry she will be alright". At 7:00 the following morning there was a knock on my door and it was my Aunt that lived down the street. She wanted to tell me that Diane the lady across the street her daughter died at 3:00 in the morning.

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