Strange Lady
Submitted by Boyce

I had left my house and was going to my in-law's house to eat and pick-up my wife. I had just got through my gate to my car, and I looked to my right and saw this strange elderly lady about 10 to 15 feet behind my car. I was shocked. It was as if she was waiting for me. I got in the car and backed up slowly. She just walked backwards and did not try to overtly avoid my car. Nomally I would have backed-up and got out quick, but this was different. So I drove off and saw the lady walk down the alley.

I got on another street my in-law's house was on and I was about to drive up a slope on the road and this road had cars on both sides parked. ALL of a sudden I noticed a blue car going fast to me. I quickly pulled to the side. If I had been 3 to 5 seconds later I would have been hit. That lady delayed me just enough to avoid the car. Plus it bought me and my wife to see 3 rabbits and a baby one as we later went home. I very much thanked the Lord Jesus for His grace and goodness to us.

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