My Headaches are Gone!
Submitted by Buddy

A few years ago I was suffering from severe headaches. I became so sensitive to sound and light that I would have to sometimes shut myself into my bedroom with no light or sound to escape the pain. Even the tiny sound of a spoon bumping against the side of a tea cup was enough to cause actual physical pain in my head. I know that sounds strange but it really was my experience.

I think the worst was the day when "empty" spots appeared in my vision and then a zigzag line appeared in the upper left hand corner of my vision. I nearly panicked at that one! I went to a doctor who prescribed a drug to calm me down. He told me to take a pill every time I felt a headache coming on, not to wait for it to hit. This helped, but I soon realized that I didn't want to live my life popping a pill every time I felt a headache coming on.

Eventually, I sought the help of a very special therapist who taught me how to relax and mediate. (Guides come in every shape and form.) This is really where my angel story beings. I was told to mediate twenty minutes every morning and then again in the evening. I had a couple of "interesting" experiences during these times of meditation. The one I'd like to share took place during lunch while I was a work.

The morning had been a rough one and I had the sensation that a golf ball size knot was in the back of my head. It really felt like a ball had gotten stuck in there! I lowered the lights in my room (I'm a school teacher) and began my meditation. Soon I could feel the presence of a person standing next to me as I set in my chair at my desk. The "odd" part is that I felt that the presence was a male and he inserted his hand into my head, wrapped his fingers around this knot and physically withdrew his hand removing the ball in the process. Immediately the pain stopped! The sensation of him inserting and removing his hand was a odd one. I still clearly remember that feeling.

Well, I continued my meditations and I am grateful to say that I have not had any headaches for more than 3 years and I don't take pills to calm me down either!

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