My Harley Angel
Submitted by Carol

My husband and I loved biking so back in 1977 or 1978, we both had our own Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Mine was a 1976 1200CC Superglide and his was a Low Rider. As were were heading home one day from riding, it had started to rain a bit. We exited off the highway to head home and I didn't think of the pavement being little slippery. I was going a little too fast for the wet conditions and realized I wasn't going to stop in time for the upcoming stop sign! I slammed the brakes on and my bike started to fish-tail. I saw a car approaching to my right as I'm nearing the end of the ramp and heard the driver of the car laying on the horn. I was still going pretty fast to be able to stop in time, but JUST as I got to the end of the ramp, my bike stopped DEAD in it's tracks as the car, still blowing its' horn, whizzed past. If I had gone a few inches more, I would have been hit. My husband finally pulled up next to me just shaking his head in total amazement that I wasn't struck by the car....AND how I managed not to lose control of my motorcycle. I just turned and looked at him and said, "WOW." The way my bike didn't fall and the way I so abruptly stopped before that car passed, we were BOTH sure it was my guardian angel who took control of what could have been a very fatal accident.

Thank you Guardian Angel!!

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