Mothers Are Always There
Submitted by Cathryn

When I was six years old, my mother had passed away. Everybody was in shock because her passing had happened so suddenly that nobody was expecting it. After her passing, I clung more to her mother then I did to my father's mom. I felt like I belonged more with her than anybody else. Somebody who understood me and who could understand what I was going through when I was growing up. My grandmother lives in Florida, and since I live in Virginia, it's really hard for me to see her. But that doesn't stop the bond that we share.

Well, one night when I was about 15, I was talking to my grandmother on the phone the night before Mother's Day and she muttered "I wonder what she will do tomorrow" and puzzled by the mental note that she had spoken out loud, I questioned it. She explained to me that every year since my mother has passed, she always does something to Grandmother to show that she is still with her. Of course I didn't believe her until she told me the story of what had happened 2 years previously. My Grandmother was asleep in bed and it was about 3 in the morning when the phone started to ring. She answered it, but nobody spoke when she said hello. It was just silent. So the next morning when she got up, she checked the caller id and the number that had called her was from her cell phone in her purse that had been turned off the night before. So she had explained to me that she was most certain that it was my mother who was sending her a message of love. The next year, my grandmother decided that she would clean her room up a little, and while she dusted a picture of her and I, she saw another picture sticking out from the back of it. So she opened it up to find a picture of my mother from when she was in the army and a picture of my mother, father and I. She claimed that she had never seen those pictures in her life, and that she is the one that had put the main picture in the frame and she had no idea how the rest of those pictures got there.

Because of those stories that my grandmother has told me, I can honestly say that I believe in angels and always will. After my mother passed, my grandmother needed someone and I can say that I think that my mother had understood that and now shows that she is there for her and always watching over her.

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