There For Us
Submitted by Charlotte

I always liked the idea of angels ever since I was small. My mum used to tell me about them, and how they watch over us.

As I grew up, I developed anxiety. I was so anxious about everything, from getting sick to being away from my family in case something happened. I couldn't sleep at night, and I cried, and prayed that I would be at least able to sleep for a few hours.

My job at the time was a disability support worker which is so rewarding but stressful, which sometimes I would worry about my clients. I went on a staff getaway up to Tambourine Mountain, in Australia, which is renowned for its spirituality.

I was unable to sleep there either, and was tossing and turning for hours. After a while I decided to just lay still and as I did I felt the loudest rushing past my ears and it felt like I was being sucked down into the bed.Usually I fight this feeling but I didn't feel like fighting it this particular time. It was as though I was in a train tunnel.

I was still awake but I saw myself rushing upwards towards a blue sky surrounded by clouds. There were people around me singing, but I could not see them, I could only feel their presence. They appeared as white blurs. I was speeding up through clouds and singing voices.

The main voice singing was that of a man, and his voice was so familiar but I did not know him at the same time. He was singing a song I had never heard in my life and I still remember the lyrics being about freedom and being lifted up, do not be afraid.

This experience ended quickly, and I was in tears from the sheer amazement and beauty of it.

I slept soundly after that. I believe that this man is my guardian angel, as his voice just sounds like heaven to me. Whenever I think about it I get goosebumps and feel teary. I am only 21 but have been told I'm an old soul. I love the idea that we have angels around us, and am thankful that I was helped that night.

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