The Blue Angel
Submitted by Crystal R.

I was five years old when my sister Carla was diagnosed with Lupus. She had just turned 18. I remember a story that my mom told me a few years ago. Carla was so sick and she was having seizures. Every time she began to have a seizure, she would look up at mom and say "momma pray." My mom prayed everytime and every night.

One particular night, Carla was so sick and she wasn't sleeping very well. Mom and Carla slept in the same bedroom so one night Mom prayed that heavenly father would send his best angel to look after Carla so she could get a full night's rest. Carla was sleeping and mom had just dozed off when something woke her up. The room was dark but by Carla's bed she could see these light blue twinkling lights. She got scared and turned the lights on and just like that the lights disapeared. She wishes to this day that she hadn't turned the lights on so that maybe she could have seen exactly what it was. But Carla slept through the night without having any seizures or spells. Mom was so thankful and it brings her such peace knowing that there was an angel there that night. She believes that there was an angel with Carla everyday of her life. Of course I think the real angel was Carla.

I love you sissy, and some day we will meet again.

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