My 25 Minute Angel
Submitted by David

This story dates about 11 years ago, but I will never forget it.

I was going through a rough time and my mother and I had a falling out. I was only 15 at the time and I really wanted to stay with my father for personal reasons. However, my mother put me on a bus and told me she loved me and don't forget to pray! Upset and scared, praying was the last thing on my mind. I had a long way to go from McAllen, Tx to Chicago. Scared? Yes I was.

Then while going through my bag to look for change at one of the stops for a soda, I came across a letter my mother wrote me. My mother had told me how she hoped I would stay close to God in my time of difficulty and she prayed she could do more. Now I assure you this ordeal had nothing to do with my mother not being a good parent, but just me trying to stay alive. I couldn't tell her that.

So the last part of the letter had said "remember don't forget to pray." and "I love you no matter what." So I just fell apart near Houston and I fell asleep praying for my mother not to feel bad because it was not her fault. Also I was praying for help my self - even if it was a stranger being nice to me.

So the heart of the story didn't last long, but will be forever with me. During a bus transfer in Little Rock, Arkansas, new passengers started to board. Most people just sat in empty spots, which were not very abundant, and others asked and got turned away. People can be so mean. Anyway, my guy got turned away by someone who had an open seat by him and I raised my hand and said I'm open. Thank God I did.

Now when he sat, he had the glowing eyes I have only seen on a cat. He was so nice I thought right away he was not of this world. Not literally, just different. The way he talked, his mannerisms. Then we started to talk, or he did rather, and we talked about everything. The weird thing is he touched on every single feeling I was going through at the time.

He was great. He made me feel better about everything at that time. And he told me stories you would not believe. He also knew things about me that I could not explain. Like my troubles, my thoughts about my parents, and even what would come to pass, which it's been 11 years and they all added up.

The sad thing, I didn't know he jumped on the bus for only 25 minutes. I felt like we had a lifetime long conversation in those 25 minutes. He taught me a lot, and his last words to me were "Everything will work out; don't forget to pray, and live the life God gave you, TO THE FULLEST, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL MEET, GOD BLESS!"

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