1984 - Fear or Faith
Submitted by Dennis R.

I had been a Christian for 5 years and was going through a real time of testing.

A dreadful sickness of epilepsy and sleeping paralysis afflicted my wife Barbara for over the next five years, and our marriage suffered the strains of financial problems running from one crisis to another.

We lost our home, our business and nearly one another. Our eldest son left under very stressful circumstances and I experienced fears which I never thought were possible.

I personally felt buffeted and bashed about emotionally and spiritually, and on a couple of occasions had dreadful dark visitations in the night the least said about that the better.

In the morning I was waking up in fear and dread - of facing the day all my confidence gone.

Then one day during all this concoction of blessing and stress and fear I had a divine visitation.

I had been looking for work - it was winter time and dark at about 4:30 so it would have been about 5:30pm when I got home Barbara and the boys were playing a board game on the floor in front of the fire the only warm place in the house the only heat we had.

For just a few moments I semi-dosed off. I could hear the sound of the boys and my wife playing on the floor in front of me my eyes flickered open momentarily only to be opened wide at the vision I saw in front of me.

I was looking at the most wonderful sight like I have never seen before or since. There was a beautiful figure standing in front of me. This figure was eight feet tall and filled a corner of the room overseeing all that was going on. He was wearing a white suit quite modern looking, very smooth as though the clothing was part of him not on him he had very white blonde/silver hair - not long. He looked at me with a compassion that ministered to me and I felt him say to me for he never actually spoke audibly, "everything is going to be well... have no fear" AFTER THAT DAY the fear which I had been suffering completely disappeared out of my life. I believe that figure was an angel sent from the Lord to minister to me in what seemed a hopeless situation. I know fear is real to those who suffer with it, but now I know that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind.

I sometimes feel like Peter the apostle who through fear failed Christ but then later was restored with boldness, it has never left me - Praise the Lord.

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