A True Earth Angel Story
Submitted by Elaine

My husband and I were blessed to be able to adopt my son when he was just three days old. When he was a month old, we made a trip out of state so my parents could hold their new Grandson for the first time.

While driving home, my son who was safely strapped in his rear car seat, started wailing to be fed. Even though we were only a ˝ hour from our destination, I couldn't bear to leave him crying in hunger for that long. In a few minutes, we came upon a highway rest area and stopped.

My son's bottle was ice cold from the cooler and he just refused to drink it, yet cried even louder with hunger and dismay. We had a bottle warmer that we could hook into the cigarette lighter, but from past experience we knew that it took as long to heat as it would to drive home. Then I realized, running the bottle under hot water would heat it up! I sent my husband into the rest stop building men's room to do my biding while I tried to comfort my inconsolable son.

In the men's room, my husband found the "hot" water from the faucet wasn't even lukewarm. It would never warm the bottle to my son's liking. My husband was upset to realize that my son was going to have to suffer the rest of the way home. Just as he turned from the sink to return to me with the bad news, he saw a janitor standing next to him. The janitor said, "That water will never warm up your baby bottle. Let me run it under the main hot water spigot. That will do the trick!" He took the bottle from my husband, turned on the main hot water spigot and held the bottle beneath the flow of hot water. In less than a minute the bottle was sufficiently warmed and he gave it back to my husband. My husband thanked the janitor and returned to me and our son.

As I fed my son who finally and greedily satisfied his hunger, my husband told me of the events that had just taken place in the men's room. "Funny," he said, "The hinges on the men's room door were loud when I entered and left, but I never heard the janitor come in."

When my son finished his bottle, we all buckled-up in our car safely to finish the drive home. We had to pass the rest stop building to get back onto the highway. Just as our car reached the front of the building, out popped the janitor waving goodbye with a smile that glowed from within and from ear to ear. After I waved a big thank you to the janitor, I said to my husband, "You know, if he had stepped out of the building just a moment later, I would have missed him!" Then I asked, "Aren't you amazed at how a man who has a job that is hard physical labor, a job that many people would never even do thinking it demeaning, seems to be one of the happiest and kindest people we‘ve ever met?" Of course he said, "Yes."

As I write this story, my son is three years old. Since I work from home, I like to keep toddler cups of milk and juice made up in the refrigerator so he can just grab one when he wants to during the day. Alas, it seems I'll have to wait a time longer before he will actually drink it with out bringing it to me and saying, "Too cold, Mommy!" Yet, every time I warm my son's cup under the hot water spigot my heart fills with joy and a smile spreads upon my lips. I remember the kind deed of a janitor. A man who could have been bitter and made no effort to help us was cheerful, content and happy to lend a helping hand. I remember the janitors broad smile that radiated from his eyes as he waved goodbye and his uncanny timing. I know I will never forget the janitor who was an earth Angel that day and I often wonder, was he really just a man or an Angel trying to earn his wings?

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