An Angel At The Scene
Submitted by Elizabeth

No parent wants to get the call that you need to get to the emergency room immediately. Last year I got that call concerning my daughter who was in an automobile accident. When I got to the small 3 bed ER I saw 2 young men on the first 2 beds and an elderly lady on the third who was not related to the accident. At this point I think I cried out for my daughter and not seeing her only imagined the worst. Then someone put their hands on my shoulders and led me to the front of the ER. In she walked looking very dishelved with only one shoe, her handbag, and something black on her arm which I just assumed was some kind of medical brace. The ambulance driver made the comment to me that it was a miracle that she was alive, much less walking on her own. The car was a convertible and all three passengers were ejected as it went airborne and then rolled three or four times down and embankment before landing on its top upon a large tree. She had refused medical treatment at the scene so that she could ride in the ambulance with the other two passengers.

When I took her into a nearby restroom to wash up I asked her what was on her arm and then realized it was the CD holder that clips onto her sun visor. Of all the things in her car, I wondered how in the world had she ended up with that? She said she just remembered an elderly gray haired lady coming up to her at the scene and handing it to her and telling her everything would be okay. My daughter said she then stepped into the ambulance and when she turned around the elderly lady was gone. As my daughter recalled this she turned over the CD holder and there on the back was the Guardian Angel pin I had put in her car when she first got it!!! To us, there could not have been a clearer sign as to how she survived that accident.

We do not believe that the CD holder ever hit the ground as those were the only CDs in the car with no scratches on them and the case itself was so clean, no dirt or scuff marks like those that covered everything else recovered from the scene!

It still brings tears to my eyes and my daughter feels truly blessed. Others I know who may not have had the faith or belief before in angels have since bought guardian angels for their childrens cars as well. We thank God for our angels!!!

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