House Burglary
Submitted by Erica

I was around 9 years old in 1991, and lived with my single mother who sometimes was unable to pay for a babysitter. If it would have not been for that voice I heard, I think that most likely I wouldn't be telling this story.

That particular day the rent was due, so money got tight and my mother was unable to pay for babysitter that day. I was aware of what to do and what not to do. I knew what to do, in case of emergency call 911, and not to open the door to anyone. Honestly, I was not scared staying alone with my 7 year old sister because I really wanted to help my mother. So, I felt comfortable since I knew how to use the microwave in order to eat. I was the kind of girl who would do everything her mother said. And so we were not allow to go outside the day that we were staying home alone.

But suddenly, as I was watching cartoons with my sister, I heard a voice call my name saying that I must take my sister and go to my neighbors house. Usually, when we went to this neighbor house we would take our dolls with us because to us it was a "must". So, I took my sisters hand and told her that we had to get out of there immediately beacuse that voice was telling me to do so. My sister kind of hesitated and said that our mother prohibited us to go out of the house, and why did I wanted to disobey her she asked.

Again she heard that voice that kind of sounded like our mother or our neighbor. We couldn't tell honestly but we were positive that it was a familiar voice. And so she also listened to the voice and we got out of there immediately! We fled from our house holding hands and running to our neighbors, without fully understanding why we were running, but knew that her house was the destination. We went to our neighbors house to see if she wanted to play and so she did, but we realized that we had forgotten our dolls. So we told her that we were going home to get it. Suddenly her mother came to the door and she asked several questions and finally we told her that we had no babysitter. She wanted to walk us to our home for some weird reason. I say weird reason because we lived next to her. Suddenly, as we were opening the gates from our neighbors house we saw this tall person getting out from our house window stealing a VCR from our house. Me and my sister would have never disobeyed my mother nevertheless leave behind our beloved dolls and flee the way we did that day from our house. Thankfully that voice walked us out, there is no doubt that God had sent an angel that fateful day to save us. Who or what then made us flee the house the way we did? There is no doubt in my mind that the voice that we heard was from an angel. It sounded sort of female I think, and familiar and calm as if it was talking to us in our ear. Everything about that day was truly an angel looking for us, never again did we stay alone or did my mother pay. People wanted to take care of us for free. I guess that happened so it wouldn't be hard for my mother.

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