Angel Encounter
Submitted by Frank

When I was 20 years old, in 1982, I had an encounter with an Angel or Spirit in human form.

It was wintertime and at dusk, I was walking on a road along railroad tracks to a friends house. It was snowing and the sidewalks were covered with about 2 inches of snow. It was late afternoon and the sun was starting to set. As I walked along the road, I felt a sense that someone was behind me, but when I turned around no one was there. I walked about 10 minutes before I approached my friends home. The house had 5-6 steps leading up to the front porch. As I ascended the steps to the porch I heard a voice call my name from behind me. The person said "Frank". I turned around and at the bottom of the steps, on the sidewalk, I saw a person standing. He said to me, "Frank, don't be afraid." He was a short thin dark skinned man with a white robe around his body and over his head and a sash type belt around his waist. He then said, "I comforted Mary while Jesus was on the cross." He also said his name was Sabid or Zabed something like that. He was standing only 4-5 feet away from me at this time.

The front door of the house was directly behind me and I heard the door open and my friend asked me who I was talking to. So I turned around to my friend and said, "I'm talking to the guy on the sidewalk." My friend said, "who, I don't see anyone there." I then turned back around toward the robed man and he was gone. I only had my head turned to my friend for about 2 seconds, so even if the man walked away he could have only walked 5 or 6 feet away and we would have seen him walking away.

I looked in all directions but no sign of the robed man. I then went to the bottom step and looked for his footsteps in the snow, but there were no other foot prints except mine walking down the sidewalk and up the steps, and no other foot prints were at the spot where the man stood or leading to or away from the house. My friend didn't see the man when he opened the door but he heard me talking on the porch.

I didn't feel scared at all, I actually felt at peace and not intimidated. He was very calming and had a soothing voice and a "Holy" presence about him. After some time I wanted to research my encounter and try to explain its meaning as to why he came to me and if he was an Angel or Spirit. I read the bible and found in the Gospels, that John the apostle was at the foot of the cross and comforted Mary while Jesus was on the cross and Jesus entrusted John to care for Mary. So, I believe possibly that the robed man was John. If he was John did he have a prophecy for me since he wrote Revelation? But I don't know why he came to me and for what reason he came. Ever since that day 28 years ago, I have felt that he was to tell me more but was interrupted by my friend opening the door and I feel he is going to come again. I feel that he wanted to tell me something about the end times, which I feel are coming very soon. Recently, within the past year or so, I am getting a "feeling or sense" that He is going to appear to me again and he may have some prophecy for me. I don't know, it's hard to explain this feeling I'm having but I feel a strong sense or presence around me, like he is there but I can't see him in his human form yet.

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