An Angel to the Rescue
Submitted by Gena

There are Angels among us. You never know if it's that person standing next to you in an elevator, behind you in line at the market or even the pizza delivery guy!

One of my dearest of friends worked as a full-time Nanny for a very nice family of 5 that lived way out in the Indiana countryside. Being a mother-to-be herself, she certainly had her hands full with taking care of their children, and she did an amazing job!

I'd gone over there one weekend to spend some time with her and the kids while the parents were out of town. It was a wonderful December day and had started to get late. It was time for me to leave. It REALLY snowed that day so everything was completely covered. After I'd warmed my car, I was trying to back out and had somehow found myself no longer on their driveway, but on their yard. That's when I got stuck. I tried rocking the car back and forth in my attempt to get the car out, but all that did was give them a pretty decent yard-job! Feeling just awful about it, I went back inside. "I'm stuck!" My friend was looking for shovels, salt, 2 by 4s, anything that might help. "Surely these folks have tools...they live in the country!" No luck.

I'd gone back out to the car to have another go at it and was getting really frustrated. It was around 11:00pm, very cold, and although the snowing has slowed to almost nothing coming down, it was difficult to get around since the snow from the day was so deep. Back in the car, I sat there thinking that I didn't want to worsen the near ditch I'd already dug into their front yard. I couldn't believe this..."How could I have done this?", I asked myself. I didn't even have anyone to call for help. I started to pray. After a few minutes, for some reason I glanced at my trip odometer. To my horror, it read the numbers 666. I became angry and yelled, "I rebuke this!" and quickly pushed the button, changing the odometer back to zero.

Just then, a small car with a Domino's Pizza delivery sign on top pulled up to the house. I thought, "Way out here? Thatís odd." A man got out of the car. With a big smile, he walked over and chuckled, "Looks like you could use a little help." I was giddy with thankfulness and replied, "Oh YES! Thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!" He laughed and said that he'd give it a push while I gave it a little gas. I sat in the car and looked behind me through the rear window. The man stood behind my car and for a few moments, he looked at it in what appeared to be a very thoughtful way. It was like he was gathering information with his smiling eyes.

"Okay, then!", he called out, so I pressed gently on the gas pedal. I certainly didn't want to fling slush and mud on him. He placed his hands on the trunk of my car and forward, up, and back onto the driveway I went. I thought, "Oh my!!! He didn't even lean!" I got out of the car and was so surprised, all I could get out of my mouth was a barrage of thank yous and a, "WOW, you're strong!" He laughed and asked that I be very careful out there on the road. I went to reach for my purse in the car to give him some cash for helping me out and when I looked up he'd already gone all the way back to where his car was on the road. He stood by his car and waved before getting in and pulling away.

I quickly jumped into my car and backed out to the road. He was gone. No tail lights. No tire tracks in the snow.

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