Gerry's Angel
Submitted by Gerry

Year of event: 1960

Place of event: Springbank Repatriation Hospital/Adelaide/ South Australia.

Reason for admittance: Pleurisy and pneumonia.

I was in a bad way. Nearly every night someone passed away. On those occasions they always put screens around the patient's bed, so not to disturb others. One night I came to and saw four doctors and one nurse standing at the foot end of my bed. Screens had been put around and I perceived one of the doctors shaking his head. I then must have lost consciousness again. I woke up at some stage during the night because someone took my hand and gently stroked it. I felt a weight on my bedside as if someone was sitting down. I forced my eyes open. There was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Long blond tresses, eyes like Ceylonese sapphires, a robe, which seemed to have been spun from the purest white cotton interwoven with silver threads and pulsating as if with neon light. Around the waist was a golden girdle. The person smiled and nodded to me patting my hand as if to say everything would be ok. Then I lost consciousness again, but before that I had pinched myself hard to know whether I was dreaming or not.

Next morning the female doctor came in and spoke to me, saying: "Last night we would not have given twopence for you". I replied that I knew. She said, that I could not know anything because I was more dead than alive. She was amazed when I described the scene with the four doctors, she was one of them and the nurse standing there and the screens around my bed. I then told her, I was enraptured by the night nurse who had come to my bedside. She asked: "what, the little Yorkshire lass?" (who was short with dark brown hair). I told her what I had seen. She told me not to speak about it, because people would not understand, but, and she went on, many people had related the same experience just before they passed away as had those who had been close to death but recovered.

That is when I started to ponder on what I had experienced. I did not think of an angel at the time. If I would have, and if it would have been my imagination, the being would have had wings. This one had not. I was a young soldier then and did not concern myself with spirit beings. Now I am convinced, that what I had seen was an angel. I had been awake, I had pinched myself hard, I know it was real. I hope my story may be of comfort to others.

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