An Angel Tucked Me In
Submitted by Gloria

I had helped my son move his things from Wisconsin to Washington DC the first week of June, 2007. My youngest daughter and I traveled for 14 hours with his things with the intent of meeting up with my son and my other daughter who had moved to PA after she got married.

I grew up in a dysfuctional family and I have claimed many verses for the healing of my family, starting with me. Everything went well for three days. On the final day that we were all suppose to finish the move from his apartment to his condo, my children had a falling out. I had actually thought we would get through the week without the family fighting. It was a long day, and the weather was hot and humid. Everyone was tired, but when the argument started I just kept thinking, "This is so the devil." He couldn't take it that everyone was having fun and we were all getting closer together. I kept thinking that I was paying for the sins of my ancestors, that I was paying for sins, I did not commit. I hadn't cried so hard in years, and I felt totally immobile.

We parted with me hugging my son and telling him I loved him, and leaving late in the night to find our hotel room in Maryland. We had wanted to hear a famous preacher who was in the area for a conference on the following day.

It was after midnight when we came to our hotel. I slept with my oldest daugher and my other daughter slept with her puppy that she brought along.

I was going through hot flashes, and if anyone who has gone through it as I am, they will understand what 'I did' to stay cool. The central air was on and my oldest daughter asked if we could shut it off. I told her I didn't even know it was on, the room felt so warm. She went to sleep and I turned out the light. I had taken a shower and just had my robe wrapped around me. I kicked off the blankets and noticed them at my daughter's feet all crumpled up. I was still warm, and decided to take off my robe and sleep naked. It didn't bother me, since we were all in the dark.

I woke up in the middle of the night to feel something pulling at my blankets. I opened my eyes and saw a bright being, all dressed in white. It's arm's were extented and it was pulling the blankets up around me. I saw it's eyes, but couldn't make out any face features. It was like I had to put on my glasses, because everything was blurry. (But I don't wear glasses.) And I saw yellow, where the hair should be on it's head.

The first thing I did was jerk up to my elbows and I wanted to scream. It said, "It's alright. I'm covering you. Don't be afraid." Then it looked over it's left shoulder, toward my daughter's bed, with her puppy and looked back at me and said, "You don't want to wake anyone up." For some reason, I thought it must be one of my daughters. They both have blonde hair,..and hey, it MUST be one of my daughters. I felt so peaceful. My heart had been breaking and now I had such comfort. I felt like a child all over again. It said then, "Go to sleep, I'm tucking you in."

So I closed my eyes, and could feel the quilts being tucked in around me. I had no fear and great peace. I remember laughing as I was falling asleep, because I thought, "Boy,...I must have looked a fright."

In the morning I heard my daughers waking up and I looked at the blankets and noticed that I was indeed tucked in and the bed on my side looked like the hotel maids had just made it. I put on my robe and the girls and I chatted. I told them I had been so hot in the night that I had to sleep naked. My daughters were shocked that I did that, and jokingly teased me, that it upset them to sleep in the same room with me like that. I thought it a little strange, because 'one' of them covered me. Then I said,... "So, which one of you covered me?" They both said they didn't. I said, "You both lie!" They said they didn't. Then I told them what happened to me. God sent me an angel to minister to me. The Lord is good.

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