The Cherub
Submitted by Gloria G.

A while ago, when I was in college my teacher had given the class a project where we had to clip out images from a magazine and create one image. It could be about anything you want. I knew exactly what I wanted to do mine on. I wanted to create a place that reminds me of Heaven. I imagine heaven to have some parts that are like a jungle with luscious green plants, trees, waterfalls, and rivers everywhere that are blue green fresh and clear. I wanted to put a woman dressed in white and the angels that I wanted to put there would be the small chubby baby angels they call cherubs. When I finished my project I felt so proud of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it was almost embarrassing. When I went home I put it on the wall of my room.

One morning as I was waking up I had this feeling I was being watched, so I looked around while still lying on my bed. Then I looked at my poster and right there as big as my poster about 8.5 x 11 inches was a baby with wings a little bit translucent in some parts of him. The cherub had huge cheeks and kept smiling. I couldn’t believe it, so I rubbed my eyes and checked again and the cherub was still there. I was so surprised and a little excited. I got up to look at him closer and maybe touch him, but he faded away just as I was about to touch him. Now I look at my poster differently. It will always be a reminder of the cherub.

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