God's Little Angel
Submitted by Robert Gilbert, Jr.

Last night, as I laid sleeping, I dreamed about a little angel and this is what he said.

"Hello, Daddy. Since I am calling long distance, I have only a minute or two to talk. I'm in Heaven, a place that's so fine. You have heard that worldly possession are greater than mine. But if you knew what it is like up here, you would shout with joy and cheer. The lame are walking. The blind can see. But, what I miss most, daddy, is you being with me.

I am being called, now. But, I will visit you, again. So, please don't you cry. If you knew what it is like up here, you would wear a big smile. To serve unto Him, to live by Him, is the greatest thing of all. Daddy, are you one of them?

Suddenly, I awoke from the dream with tears streaming down my face. While sitting on the side of the bed, I turned on the light and slowly made my way to the kitchen ~ for a drink of water and to wash my face. Then, I walked back to the bedroom, sat down on the bed, took another drink of water, and turned out the light.

I laid my head down on my pillow and stretched out my arm. Doing this, my hand touched something that rattled. It gave me a shock! For, there was nothing on the bed beside me earlier in the night.

Sitting up, quickly, I reached over and turned the light on ~ very carefully.

Then, I turned and looked at the pillow beside me. There laid a small baby rattler, just like the one that I placed beside him on the day we laid him to rest.

I thought that, maybe, he needed something to play with on his journey. I knew that there would be other children there, too. But, I wanted him to have something to remember me by.

As I sat there, looking at that rattler, I knew that my dream was real. Tonight, I had a visit from God's Little Angel.

2003 by Robert H. Gilbert, Jr.
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