Good and Evil
My Own Story

It was 1982, I was saved and baptized in May. I loved going to church and looked forward to it. Shortly after that I started experiencing the most scariest times of my life. Nightmares. I didn't want to go to bed anymore for fear ‘they’ would get me. They were so real, so scary and so unlike anything I could have ever imagined. As I lay in my bed I would awake and hear a loud buzzing sound. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. I couldn't distinguish whether I was asleep or not.

As I lay there not being able to move, these grotesque creatures would appear from the side of the bed and stretch out in front of my face. Big teeth would show as they opened their mouth. Then they would disappear only to reappear again. This went on night after night.

Until one night terrified by the creatures it happened....A glowing came from across the room and floated above me. It so was so beautiful. Golden, bright and flowing. It stayed with me and watched over me. I could see somewhat of a figure. I was soon asleep.

At the time I really knew nothing about such experiences so I didn't think about it. I also figured that if I told anyone they would think that I was crazy. After that night I clutched my bible to my heart every night I went to sleep. The nightmares ceased. For a long time I had forgotten about it.

It has only been in recent years that I knew the meaning of what happened to me. The nightmares started again, only this time I knew what to do. I prayed for them to go away in Jesus' name and I got out my bible and clutched it to my heart. The nightmares stopped immediately.

I never told anyone about it because I thought they would think I was crazy. Then I confided my story to a very good friend. He told me it was an angel watching over me, protecting me. He got me a couple of books on angels and I started reading about angel experiences and only then did I realized what happened to me. There was a struggle between good and evil going on. I was being protected from the evil demons trying to get me.

I believe that Satan was furious that I had given myself to the Lord. But my angel and believing in the power of The Word saw to it that I am not tormented by evil again.

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