Icy Roads
Submitted by Cynthia

Coming from Chicago back to Oklahoma after a funeral of my brother-in-law, my husband was driving on the interstate. We were driving in snow and icy roads, when we hit a slick spot and the car spinned and stopped a couple seconds at the edge of the embankment. we thought it was getting ready to roll down the embankment (which was at least 20 feet straight down) but the Lord took that car turned it around and we started down the hill backwards. As we started down the hill, my husband said in a calm voice 'Oh God'.

We were sliding just like we were on a cardboard going down hill (smile). At the end of the hill was a wire fence. The car came within 20 inches of that fence and made a turn and ended up right next to the fence. It was just like backing into a parking space (NOTHING BUT GOD). We were so far down we could hardly see the cars going by on the interstate. I asked my husband how are they going to get us out of here? He went behind the car and looked up along the fence line and said we're getting out up this hill and he put the car in 4-wheel drive and backed it up along the fence line until we were at the top then got back on the roadway.

Oh yes after the car came to rest after coming down the hill the motor was off. My husband wondered why it went dead. I told my husband the Lord wanted to handle the car because you would have been trying to guide it. He said I guess you're right.

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