Saved from Drowning
Submitted by J. Keith H.

When I was three years old, my family and I were visiting with my grandparents for a family reunion. My grandparents lived on a large farm and had a pond on a hill behind their barn. Somehow, I wandered off from where people had gathered at the house and made my way to what I reportedly said was the "big swimming pool" -the pond. After you passed the dairy barn on the hill some fifty yards from the house below, you continued to a steep embankment. At the top of the embankment was a pond. As I attempted to make my way up the embankment to the pond, an angel in a white robe with a belt and sword blocked my path. I attempted to go the other way only to be blocked by the angel again. Whichever way I went, the angel impeeded my progress.

When my parents realized I was missing, everyone began to frantically search for me. I was found walking back and forth at the base of the embankment trying to get to the "big swimming pool". I remember the angel had an amused smile on its face as it blocked my every attempt to access the pond.

Years later, I finally told my mother what I had seen. She doubted the veracity of my statements until I described in vidid detail other things I had seen around the pond. I first saw the angel between two white wagon wheels that were on the side of the hill leading up to the pond (these wheels were removed shortly after the aforementioned incident). I also described a light green older car with fan shaped fenders (this car was also moved to a hay barn behind the milking barn by my uncles who wanted to restore the old car). My mother's jaw dropped when I told her this. Both the car and the wagon wheels were moved after the summer reunion and before we visited again that Christmas (I turned four in October). Even though this is a fuzzy memory from a three year old encounter, my mental age was greater than my chronological age (I have a 148 I.Q.). Factor in that I was three months from turning 4, and my mental age was somewhere between 4.5 and 5 years old.

When my mother still doubted that I remembered what I saw, I described each room in the tri-level house we lived in at Mentor on the Lake in Cleveland, Ohio at the time. I know what I saw was real...I remember. I had never seen a picture of an angel before this incident. It seems like the angel had wings, but I honestly do not remember. I do remember the white robe, belt, sword, and smile. I cannot tell you if the angel appeared male or female. As best as I can remember it was neither. I have rarely shared this story with anyone lest they think that I am delusional. I just remember what I saw.

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