Angel in the Basement
Submitted by Jabeen

My marriage ended the day I turned 33, and my two children and I came to live in my recently widowed mother's basement. For the next thirteen years, my kids and I attended school and we did our homework together, packing lunches for each other in the morning! We survived on child support and I became heavily indebted with student loans as I went on to earn a bachelor's degree, as well as a master's degree. I am writing my doctoral dissertation now.

I found success as an author, journalist, editor, and a teacher, but secretly, I sometimes lamented the fact that my youth was gone. I longed for a loving companion. I had never dated a man, as my religion (Islam) forbids me to socialize with men. I did community work, helped my ailing mother with her doctors' appointments, and I put my trust in God, telling him that He knew what was best for me. I had never talked to God before, but one day I tearfully said to Him that I would accept whatever challenges or rewards he would have for me, that I would meet His test and be steadfast in my love for Him.

In 2005, a few months before my 47th birthday an angel visited me in my basement apartment. Just moments before sunrise, I had opened my eyes and looked up high above my head to see rays coming through the blinds of my basement window. I was surprised at the bright nature of the light pouring in, and I was also dismayed that I had not woken up to say my morning prayers, something I had recently resolved to do. I got comfortable again and closed my eyes. After a moment I felt the urge to open my eyes again. At the foot of my bed, where I usually said my prayers, I watched a thick pool of light gathering in the shape of a large refrigerator. Spellbound, I watched as the light cleared and a tall figure, about 8ft. tall became clearly visible. It was a man enveloped in bright white light and he looked at me intently. I still remember his black eyes, and sharply fashioned thin, black beard. I was not afraid, but I did not know how to react, the thought that came to me was, "what the h*ll is he doing here, and why is he making himself visible to me!". I slowly turned away from him to my left and promptly fell into a peaceful, deep slumber!

I believe this angel was a messenger because I met my new husband a day or so later. He had recently been widowed, and the very first day we met we knew we were a good match for each other. We just celebrated our fiftieth birthdays, and have enjoyed almost four beautiful years of loving companionship. We are good parents to his two university-going boys and my son and married daughter (respectively a teacher and lawyer).

Recently I was a caregiver for my new mother in law who passed away after a 16 month battle with breast cancer; my husband had been through the same ordeal with his late wife, and I feel blessed that this time I was part of this family to give them the love and support they needed.

Now I am trying to complete my doctoral studies in world literature, and I wish my angel would visit me again to encourage me with good tidings that I will graduate soon.

In conclusion, I feel that God saw the love I was able to give, and He gave me a family to love. In good times and in bad times, I have always believed that God is watching over us. I know that this was no stray angel, this angel was sent directly through my basement window with a special message for me that my life was about to change.

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