Devil and the angel
submitted by Jamie H.

Back in 1991 I had a dream, a nighmare actually. The nightmare took place in my neighborhood at my cousins townhome complex and it was dark. Everyone in the whole neighborhood was stooping in front of their homes by the door in fright of what was happening. I was only about 16 years old and I had no idea what was going on.

I found my way sitting near a man whom was dressed in what seemed to look like a brown potato sack over throw, with long brown hair and resembled Jesus in a way. He was so comforting and peacful, as if nothing could get a rise of excitement from him. As I sat there the ground became hotter than ever, and everyone was trying to tip toe around on it to save their feet from burning. The man had informed me that the Devil was behind the townhome we were in front of and he wanted war. I was terrified. There were people in red cars that pulled up and tied a tight rope along for us to stand on so our feet wouldn't burn and seemed as if they wanted to help. As the people were clinging to the ropes the man said to me " do not look into their eyes, for they are the demon Angels and they will possess you into the Devil's flame". I was speechless. Why was I having this horrible nightmare? Then he spoke again and held the dried leaves up and said " we need to make this into a drink for they will not be able to come inside our minds". And he made the tea somehow and only the man and I drank it.

Then out of nowhere my cousin came riding her bike up to me, and was in a fit of rage! She wanted to confront the Devil and there was no talking her out of it. The man said "leave her, she will be saved" so I did. Then I saw myself riding a bike down my street in the dark, no one around and a thousand slimy horns, which were hotter than fire came falling out of the sky like a hard rain. I remember dodging them as to not burn myself. They would fall and hit the ground and burn a hole clear through the concrete. I cried so bad, then I woke up. It was the strangest nightmare I had ever had.

One year later I began dancing in a strip bar at the age of 17. I lived with a friend whose family was very God oriented, her mother blessed their house on numerous occasions, and would gather us around her bed in her room for prayer several times a week. While I was staying there I had the very same nightmare again! Nothing changed and it was as clear as the first time I had it. It scared me because I remembered having this dream some time ago and it hit me like a rock. What was happening? I confronted my friends mother and told her about the reoccurring dream I had been having. She then gave light on this nightmare which was so beautiful. An Angel had come to me to warn me of the danger I was getting into to. The man sitting next to me was in deed an Angel, and it turned out to be a tug-of-war the devil wanted to play with me. He lost! I soon after left the night scene, married and had a son whom is 3 today.

Six years later I have been so in tune to God and his secret Agents that is has become the most comforting days of my life. And my son will have the same feeling as he goes to church and is taught of God and his Angels as well. It took me 2 years to figure out what that dream had meant and it is so much clearer to me today. God sent his Angel to come to me in my dreams and help save me from the evil that was begining to come over me. And He WON!!! Thank you Lord Jesus for being with me day and "night". I have never since had a nightmare or the one I spoke of ever again.

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