The Glorious Visitation
Submitted by Debbie

On November 1, 2000 at about 1:50 am I turned over in my bed and saw a white fog, one square connected with another. I kept rubbing my eyes, I sat up I said Jesus? I begain to pray. I said, Jesus if this is not of you let it go away in the name of Jesus! I looked up now it was the form of a person in a long gown. Then the face got bright, then brighter! And as the brightness came I saw a shining bright rainbow around the face and the head. 13 days later I found out who I saw. I said Jesus this was you wasn't it? And I got on my knees and began to cry and Jesus spoke out through me and said: IT WAS I MY LOVE (I interpeted this through the gifts he gave me: the gift of tongues and interpetation of tongues!) Glory to God in the highest! He told me this: Surely I am coming. Just as sure as I am that I am coming, The King is coming my child and I am coming soon! Praise Him! And he laughed twice before he said this! He was very happy! It was as if he walked right through my living room. I will never be the same, old things are passed away and behold all things become new!

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