Wishing You Were Here Again
Submitted by Joanne R.

It was May 2009, Memorial Day was fast approaching, and I was living in TN. I was having a hard time, as I could get no one to put flowers on my parent's grave. I listened to the song from Phantom Of The Opera, "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again." I sang that song, and let the Lord heal my grief I was feeling over my Mom's death. Two days later I went shopping in a neighborhood grocery store. As I approached, I caught sight of an elderly woman, who was the spitting image of my Mom. Same walk, same large veins in her hands, I froze in my tracks. Now, they say everyone has a twin. I found myself in back of her in line. She would smile, just like Mom did. I couldn't help but stare, and she just tilted her head and gazed back. When it was my turn in line, I told the clerk how much she looked like my Mother, and glanced down and noticed she had forgotten her sack of paper plates. I ran up to her, she turned, smiled, and I managed to say, "Ma'am, you almost forgot your sack, may God bless you!" I smiled and placed it into her hands. Such a peace came over me like I had never felt in my entire life when I touched her hands. She just gazed into my eyes and I wanted that moment to last forever, peace, joy, and comfort. She brushed her hand over my cheek and I just giggled and smiled, then she turned and left. Same walk. I went in and commented to the clerk, she told me she had never seen her in the store before, interesting, since she had worked there for 10 years or more.

Was it an angel? I believe it was. No sooner did she tell me that then she just vanished, we never saw her drive off, and she was walking very slowly.

I have found that God knows when we need special comfort, and I believe strongly he sent that angel to me to let me know I was loved, and Mom was with God.

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