Marshmallow Angels
Submitted by Karen

About 3 years ago, my son, Nicholas was about 5 months old, my daughter, Katie about 3 1/2. Katie was in the back seat of our car, Nick was in his "pumpkin" seat buckled up in the front next to me. I was trading our old Chevy in on a new car and as I was exiting the highway, Nicholas dropped his pacifier. As I reached down to grab it to put it back in his mouth, I looked up and there was no stopping distance between me and the car in front of me. I kid you not...I SAW MY GUARDIAN ANGEL. For a brief minute there appeared in front of me a golden glowing figure with these "wings" and gorgeous gown. And I SHOULD have hit the guy in front of me. But it felt like I hit a giant "marshmallow" or a big "fluffy pillow". And my daughter, Katie saw her, too. "Mommy - did you see the angel?" she said. "You saw her, too - right?" I asked. Well - they say angels and spirits give off more energy than you can imagine...

This is the weird thing. I couldn't pick our new car up yet...There was paper work that needed to be signed, etc...And I had to come back the following day. So we drove the car back home...No problems driving home. But...DIRECTLY in front of my apartment...The car died. Just died. It's like I parked the car and it died right there. I had a boyfriend come by the following day to try to start it back up... I had to drive the car back to the dealership for the trade-in. He said I was having electrical problems. "I never had any problems with the car before...Some cooling system problems...but I had that taken care of." Nope...It's electrical... I can't fix it...Could cost you hundreds to get it fixed...You might as well get a tow..."

I believe that angel saw us home as well...Because...that car...if she caused the electrical problem when coming in contact to save us from hitting the car in front of me on the highway... she stayed with us the whole trip home to make sure I was going to get home safely with the babies. And as soon as I parked the car...That when she left us...She saw us home safely.

The following day I had to call my mom to take me up to the dealership and we had the dealership tow our car back to their lot.

God never fails...And all my guardian angel has been looking out for me and my babies.

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