The Chair Angels
Submitted by Kim B.

On a Friday evening I was busy cleaning my house when I noticed that a chandelier in my breakfast nook needed cleaning. I must mention that my husband works evenings and I am always by myself at night. As I have done many times before, I stood on a chair to clean it. I had gotten down to rinse the rag I was using and got back up on the chair. When I looked up to continue cleaning the chandalier I lost my balance and began to sway back and forth. I tried to break my fall by grabbing on to the stools that were behind me and the next thing I remember was hitting the floor. When I hit the floor I remember hearing "Just go with it Kim" and I felt a numbing and then I believe I was knocked out. I do not know how long I was out but when I awoke I grabbed my forehead because it hurt and then I noticed a lot of blood. Something told me to sit up and call my neighbors Dean and Lisa. Mind you Dean and Lisa almost never answer their phone but at this particular time their son did and I told him I needed help. I then was told to get up and go unlock the door and then come back to where I fell and lay down. I do not know who told me to do that but I now believe it was angels. It was angels who told me to get up and make the phone call and it was angels who told my neighbors son to answer the phone. Anyways my neighbors came and helped me and called my husband. Extent of injuries - A cut on my eyebrow and a hum dinger of a black eye. Nothing else. I could have died if it were not for God and his angels. I at the time of my accident had been struggling with my faith in God and questioning whether he and his angels existed. Needless to say this helped me to realize that there is a God and that there are angels and God and his angels are here to help us.

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