Protected Twice in One Day
Submitted by Lauren

I have had many encounters in my lifetime, but a recent one occurred in late Feb. 2006. It was actually 2 encounters in one day. The first happened on my way to work. It was bright and sunny out, and the sunlight blinded me for a moment. Since I was living at my new residence and was not 100% familiar with all of the roads. Having been blinded temporarily, I drove past the stop sign, only to be missed getting hit by inches. Typically that intersection is busy with two-way traffic. It was a true miracle I wasn't broadsided. Later that day, when I was home, an inspector had been at my home to inspect the stucture of the crawl space; unaware that the trap door wasn't replaced and left a gaping 4' hole in the floor in the closet I proceded to hang up my work clothes. Suddenly I stopped quickly and it felt like someone had reached out to stop me. Looking down my heart pounded. My toes hung over the edge of the hole and I nearly missed falling into the hole. I praised God and His Helpers for protecting me from great harm two times that day. I shudder to think what could have happened if I fell into that hole or was broadsided earlier that day. I believe!

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