3 Interweaving Stories of 3 People
Submitted by Lee

I have a friend of 12 years named Cheryl. She has always been highly spiritual. 4 years ago she became a pastor. I have always been a believer, but not a real prayer or churchgoer, but after I met her, it seemrd that I could sense God's presence more and that He was doing things in my life. So I got into the habit of daily praying. In March of 1996, I was watching the Learning Channel and it was a show called Angel Stories. It looked good so I taped it. One of the things that the host of the show mentioned was that one of the ways an angel would announce their presence was with a strong scent of flowers.

In August of 1996, I came home from work and began my prayers. A few minutes into them, I got a very strong scent of roses. I'm a single guy with no flowers and there were no flowers planted around my apartment building and I had a car dealership next door, so no flowers around but I smelled roses right in front of my face. I took about 7 deep breaths through my nose and it was still there. I knew exactly what it was because I learned it on the Learning Channel. And God knew that.

A few days later I talked to Cheryl and told her and she got excited. I'm leaving some stuff out of this story because it's so long. Anyway Cheryl lives in The Dalles, Oregon and has a 6-plex and one of her renters is a guy named Mike. He's a truck driver. When he was a child he was lost in the desert in California. He met 2 men who he swears were angels who guided him out of the desert. Cheryl says that's all he ever said about them.

In 2003 Cheryl called me (I'm 200 miles away). and said she was going to see a woman of God speak somewhere in town and it was said that at some meetings ths woman emitted gold flakes from her hair. (ok... I said cool) She called me right after the lecture and said after it was over the woman was mingling with the crowd and Cheryl smelled flowers really strong and instantly remembered my story and said to herself there is angels here. The woman and Cheryl made eye contact and approched each other and talked and then they hugged and Cheryl said she got some little gold flakes on her clothing.

She said she went back to the 6-plex and scraped the flakes off of her and took them to Mikes apartment and showed him. She said he looked at them and rubbed them through his fingers and said yea I seen this stuff before. Cheryl said she got mad and said 'where could you have seen anything like this?' He said those two guys in the desert. They were covered in it. Cheryl said to me that was when it hit her. It was angel dust.

I can still find out who the speaker was and I still have my angel tape. This is the only time I have told this.

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