My Son Saw an Angel
Submitted by Leiby

On March 16 around 10 am I woke up and decided to visit Edward's grave. My mother and sister were sleeping so I took Edward Jr. with me. Something I normally don't do because I was told that it's not good to bring babies to the cemetery. I mean, I don't believe in that. To me it's all superstition - I just don't - because he's to young.

This particular day I took him with me and when I got there I noticed the baby fell asleep so I decided to get out of the car, put the roses on Eddies grave and leave right away. As I was kneeling to put the roses down, I felt like someone or something was standing in front of the window where Edward Jr. was. I don't know how to really describe it but I just got this urge of running to him but when I got close Edward Jr. was trying to open his eyes as if something or someone was looking at him and I noticed he was smiling at the window but nothing was there. So I grabbed the baby and started to pray in my head because I was a little afraid. As I walked towards the spot where Edward is buried, I sat on the ground for a few moments and again I noticed Edward Jr. staring and smiling at something and he would look and smile and turn his face towards me as if someone was there calling him and he kept doing it and at that very moment all I could do was cry because I knew what it was. He was there with us.

I cried and cried and hugged Edward Jr. really tight and I cried all the way home and in my heart I felt peace and I thought of things I did not before. I was so shocked I couldn't talk to anyone about anything and I just pondered on what I had experienced. I just kept this in my heart but the next day I could not help but tell my mom about it. I believe in my heart Edward was there with us. I don't know why but he was there and ever since then I feel much better. I'm doing things I did not before and I'm more positive about things now. I don't cry as much as I did. I don't know - it is like he gave me the strength I had lost. My whole life has changed completely no one knew what was happening to me. But I did. and I guess bringing Edward Jr. was not so bad after all. He was able to see what I could not. Something I just felt and I guess God knew my heart was torn in pieces and so He sent an angel early in the morning to lift my spirit and give me strength, the strength I prayed for. now more than ever I know that spirits don't die they are all over the place. They live forever and ever like angels do. I know many people don't believe in such things as to what I had experienced but I hope my story may be of comfort to others.

All this I have wrote today is the truth, my wonderful truth and I would share something else I've experienced the day before I went into labor and while I was giving birth but that I shall keep in my heart. I have not told a soul because I'm afraid people won't believe me as I'm pretty sure some won't believe what I have wrote today. But is the truth.

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