My Mother's Welcoming Party
Submitted by Linda

I received a phone call at work about 11:45 AM where I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, from the Pasco County Sheriff's Dept in Florida informing me of my Mother's passing. It was Wednesday, September 25, 2002.

My Mother didn't show up that day at 4:00 PM at her best friend Brownie's house for their 4-6 Happy Hour they had shared for 30 years over games of yacthzee, cribbage or whatever the game of the day would be. They called her house, no answer. Thinking she may be in the shower, they waited, called again, still no answer. Now they knew something was wrong. Brownie and her son Jack walked down to her house (they had the key). When they got there, her curtains were still drawn and the morning newspaper was still on the driveway pavement. Very unusal for my Mother who was a very early riser. When they entered, they found her in her bed, in her nightgown, having passed some time in the night. Brownie said she had the most peaceful look on her face, like she had never seen before, as if she were smiling. It had bothered me though that my Mother had laid there so long, however long, but too long, before she was found.

My company had just moved our office 4 days prior and things were still in disaray, and boxes to unpack. I had things to do to prepare for my departure, tons of phones calls, find boarding for my kitties, etc., and didn't leave Hawaii until Saturday afternoon. I knew though that no matter what, my Mother's spirit was waiting for me and I told my friends just that. I'm an only child, my Mother and I shared a very special bond so I just knew she hadn't quite left yet and she was waiting for me. I just knew it.

I arrived in Tampa, met by friends at the airport, who took me home and dropped me off around 2:30 PM and left me alone in respect for my privacy. It was truly the strangest feeling walking in to the house without her being there but she was, I felt her presence. There was a card on the dining room table, signed, addressed and stamped to me she would've mailed the day she was found, along with other mail. I sat for hours in her recliner, reading and holding that card, looking out over the lake and over to her bed where she had passed, and cried all day as I had been since her passing.

That night I went to bed, in her bed. It was 10:40 PM and I left the tiny night light on and nestled in on her side of the bed, in the same position they told me they found her in. I don't know why, it may sound morbid, but I felt comfort in doing that.

I shut my eyes to sleep and started to hear noises of people that grew louder and louder, like that of a busy restaurant. It sounded like it was right there in the bedroom. I tried to get up to see what was going on and couldn't move, I tried to open my eyes and couldn't, I tried to call out and couldn't, I tried, tried and tried and nothing would happen. I felt heavy, I was totally dead weight - I could feel myself trying so hard but nothing would happen, I just couldn't move. By now this noise had grown incredibly loud. It sounded like fun, everyone was laughing and talking - this gathering was having a good time. Then I felt foot steps, like that of a child, start at the foot of the bed at my feet and run up all the way up the bed, the movement felt was like it was underneath my body, and I could feel the bed waving from this, all the way to the tips of my hands. At this point the noise of this party started to grow distant, like a door was slowly closing, until there was no more, it was gone. My body was suddenly lighter and it was then I was able to open my eyes and the tears just flooded out of me, like they were stashed. I turned and looked at the digtal clock, which my Mother kept right to the minute, it was 11:03 PM. It was then I noticed that her night water glass was half full. I shot up out of bed and went to the recliner, crying, rocking my body, looking at her bed, and asked God to please help me figure out what just happened.

I had this experience within 23 minutes of going to bed. My Mother went to bed every night by 8:30 PM with an ice water glass and usually by morning it was almost empty, but when I noticed it after this experience it was half full. I believe that my Mother's spirit waited for my return home, she was finally crossing over, the gathering I heard was her "Welcoming Party" of Family and Friends that had passed on before us, welcoming her and encouraging her to come on over, the footsteps I felt was her Guardian Angel assisting her in her transition, lifting her soul to that plane, to her new life.

The time, 11:03 PM, was her way of letting me know what time she had passed. And that is why her water glass was still so full.

Though her passing was devastating to me, and it took me some time, I now feel some sort of comfort and peace knowing she got her deep seated wish to pass in her sleep, at home, in her bed, and that she had such a Welcoming Party of Family and Friends !! Thank You Lord for sending her a Guardian Angel to help her. And thank you too Lord for allowing me to experience such an awesome experience.

We shall meet again Mother, in the House of the Lord, and we'll all be together again !! I love and miss you deeply !!

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