The Taxi Rank
Submitted by Lindsey

Whilst on holiday 3 years ago, my family and I were waiting in a taxi rank. Everyone was queuing in an orderly fashion and taking their turn when each taxi arrived. When it was my sister in law's turn, 2 hooligans appeared from nowhere and tried to pull them out of the taxi but were unsuccessful. Next it was our turn and I realised that the youths were going to cause trouble - fearing that they had a knife. It was then that I decided to pray to my angels asking for their help. When it was our turn to get into the taxi, the hooligans just sat on the wall and did not make any attempt to pinch our taxi. It was as if they were frozen to the spot. When I mentioned this to my husband once inside the taxi he said that two men had suddenly appeared behind us and one of the men walked over to the hooligans and had a quiet word. To this day I still do not know what was said but it obviously worked. The kind men just seemed to disappear into thin air! I do believe these men were angels coming to us in our hour of need.

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