Wallet Returned
Submitted by Lita

I do believe that our guardian angels are always with us. My story happened last August 2007, two weeks before my youngest son started his first year at university. He went out with his friends during the day and came home that afternoon with the news that he lost his wallet - with his new ATM card, new school ID, driver's license etc. I was in a panic because of the consequences if his wallet fell into the wrong hands. That night, I was so worried and kept talking, praying to St. Michael (the Archangel) to please speak to the guardian angels of whoever found the wallet, to please put the wallet in the mailbox. The most unbelievable thing happened a week later - our postman knocked on our door and was looking for my son, telling him that his wallet was dropped in the mailbox and that he owes the Post Office $1.35 for the postage.

I do believe in miracles.

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