A Near Miss
Submitted by Louisa

In 2000, when I lived in Blackpool, I was walking down the pavement near Coronation Street having just dropped my daughter at Revoe school. There had been strong gales the previous night and it was still very windy that morning. As I approached a bus stop, a young boy was kicking his shoe on and off and and I remember wondering why he wasn't at school. Even more unusual, he was wearing a very 1940's style outfit of shorts (it was February) and a patterned woolen pullover. Suddenly, he kicked his shoe off and it flew out to the edge of the pavement. I stopped to retrieve it for him and then carried on walking. A few minutes later, three large glass windows fell simultaneously about two feet in front of me onto the pavement. They had fallen from a building above me. If I had not stopped to help the little boy Angel, I would definately have been killed instantly. So I thank my Angel for saving my life.

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