32 Ton Truck
Submitted by Margaret G.

I would like to give you a little background on my growing up years. I am one of four children. My parents lost two children, my two younger siblings. My younger brother Timothy was accidentally hit and killed by my father as he was driving down our street. Timothy was just three years of age. Then in 1966 my younger sister Christie was just three months old when my brother passed away. In 1969 she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She passed away in 1974 at age eight. The loss of my two younger siblings caused my dad to be very protective of me in my growing up years. My husband and I have three daughters. My middle daughter was very close to my dad. Now to my story.

In January of 1993 I kept telling my husband I had this feeling that something was going to happen to someone in the family. He dismissed my thoughts. In June 1993 we went on vacation to my parents house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before we left to go home I placed a kindergarten hand print of my sister Christie's between the wall that divided the bathroom and the bedroom. We left our two older daughters to spend the summer with my parents.

On the morning of Aug 27, 1993 my daughter Jennifer was downstairs cleaning my mom's kitchen. She said a small voice kept telling her to get out of the kitchen. She went into the family room to watch TV. My middle daughter Heather was in my parents master bedroom and my dad was taking a nap in the guest bedroom. About 5 minutes later after Jennifer sat down in the family room, a 32 ton water truck came through the kitchen where Jennifer had been standing. The truck landed in the basement. My dad and Heather thought it was an earthquake. They walked down the end of the hall where the stairs use to be. And found a green truck with the driver still alive. The house had to be demolished. The truck landed exactly where I had placed the hand print. My little sisters hand print hand come off of the nail and was sitting against the wall in a turned position and that is where the truck stopped. My dad and my daughters were not hurt, just shaken up.

My dad passed away in Feb of 1998. There is no explanation how any of my family members were able to walk away from this accident.

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