My Proof That Angels Do Exist
Submitted by Margaret

I had always been interested in Angels, whilst my husband, Stan, who was a good man in every sense of the word, was not interested. He made it quite clear that he did not believe in them. About two years ago I started to get involved with Angel workshops, which brought me a great deal of happiness and guidance. My husband Stan, used to smile when I was preparing my work, saying, "Well if it makes you happy, OK. just don`t expect me to join in. I think that you are just wishful thinking" he said.

He then became really ill, and after several stays in various hospitals, and numerous operations, sadly on the 2nd March 2008, he passed away.

The previous week to his death, he told me one morning, that in the night he was awakened by the brightest angel. He said, "You were right, Margaret, I apologize, they do exist". Isn't it strange that although an unbeliever he was able to witness such a brilliant encounter? With this admission and coming from him in particular, I knew it was true. Sadly at that moment, I also knew, that it was a signal for me to be prepared, as somehow this told me that his time was near. Within a week he crossed over. I have to say, that because of this experience, I was helped through my bereavement. Oh yes, it still hurts, but I know he is in good hands. Something I shall always carry with me and I hope my little tale will comfort others at such times.

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