Don't Cry No More
Submitted by Maria

A few years ago, my Mother died after her surgery for a aneurysm. For me to lose my Mother, I could never explain that type of loss. I have never experienced the loss of someone so close to me. I just couldn't handle the grief inside. A few nights after her death, I had a dream. I dreamed I had went to the hospital and when I went into her room, she laid in her bed, balled up in pain. All of sudden she sat up, the pain had went away. She walked towards me and asked "Why are you crying? I am not hurting no more, I do not feel anymore pain." I woke up and I knew that was my mother's way of telling me not to cry - that she is better now.

Somehow God has given me the strength to overcome the grief and be happy that my mother is in Heaven with Him.

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