The Angel of Peace
Submitted by Marina P.

I was in the recovery room at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. I just had my son Matthew and I was feeling very alone and scared because my family was not there with me. My brother had passed away 1 month before I delivered Matthew so I guess everyone was still grieving.

I could not get to sleep no matter what I did. I was feeling a presence in the room and it was so strong I was afraid. As I looked at the door a beautiful African American woman in the old 40s/50s style nurse uniform was standing right outside my door. She was around 65-70 yrs of age, brown skin and the kindest eyes I have ever seen. She didn't say anything, she just walked into the room and took my hand in hers and smiled at me. I felt so at peace I went to sleep immediately.

The next morning I asked one of the other nurses about her and she said no one with that description works there nor do they wear that uniform anymore. She said I must have been hallucinating because of the meds.

I know what I saw and what I felt. I wasn't hallucinating and I thank God till this day for sending "Ms. Janine" to me.

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