Submitted by Misty

I would like to share my story about me, my son and an angel of God.

I was a single 27 year old mother of my first and only son. He was about 10 months old and could only say two words 'mom' and 'dada'. On this day I was feeling a little sad and lonely and my son was in a johnny jumper that hangs from the top of a opened door and he can bounce up and down on the floor. As I was sitting there watching him, I started to pray silently asking God to help me take good care of my son and to walk with me through the years of my child's life and to help us stay strong happy and healthy. Right then my son started laughing and turning around like someone was playing with him. He was looking up and laughing and I thought 'WHAT IS HE DOING?' so I went and picked him up and say whatcha doing baby? My son looked over my shoulder behind me and said 'GUY'. I will never forget it. Right then and there I said thank you God I know he had answered me.

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