Submitted by Mitch

All during my life I have helped out friends that were in need and usually was left with all the baggage that was left behind. I had my spiritual belief and looked for guidance when needed.

March 2004 a friend came to visit me and was looking for work. I had mentioned that I was going to a national park to work for the summer. He agreed to go with me. After staying at my parents house for 1 month we embarked on our journey. I noticed that we were getting close to each other. We seemed to be glued at the hip on everything we did. I kept getting a sense that something was not going right. I would notice that when I looked at people I would be absorbed with their thoughts. We also talked about traveling to other locations after the seasons were completed.

During my travel with my friend I noticed that when we looked at each other their was this posession taking place. I thought it was like being possessed by the Devil himself. I was having extreme hot and cold flashes every time I was around him. Once we reached our location I started having panic attacks and anxiety attacks when I was with him. The funny thing was that I have worked in the hospitality business for 24 years and always enjoyed high contact with people. I had noticed that when I would wake up I felt like I was my fiend and he was me. It was like a game of catching each others thoughts. I stared to feel like I was violated by Demonic Possession. I was absorbing all the negativity from the other people that I looked at.

So one morning before we went to the meeting my friend looked at me and asked if I wanted to have breakfast. He was having strange behavior situations. I agreed and we started out of the dorm toward the cafeteria. Not even 20 steps from the dorm I started choking and could not go any further. It seemed like there was a wall that was keeping me from going any further. I decided to pack my things and head back home to see what was going on.

During my drive back home I kept seeing a bright light and had this warm feeling inside me. Once I returned home I told my mother that I was having these attacks and it was not like me. I went over to my cousins house and told them about the situation and how my friends eyes looked red. My cousin looked at me and said "Please don't take Mitch." She had tears in her eyes. Her husband that is studying ministry at one of the church's in our area took me to his prayer location and asked me if I wanted God in my heart. I replied yes and he started praying for me. That night I prayed for protection for me and my family and my friend.

Since then I still have the feeling of my friend inside me and I pray for him every night for help. I know I had angels with me because they were telling me not to be in that location with my friend. I am getting ready to embark to a new national park that I worked at years ago and enjoyed it very much. I will make this trip by myself this time and once I get there I will be praying for the new friends that I will meet and to also keep God by my side as well.

"God bless everyone that reads this story".

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