My Rose
Submitted by Janice

Last spring I visited NY from April until June 11, 2004.

While there I stayed with a Moslem family. I watched at they prayed several times a day paying homage to Allah.

As a Christian I just knew I wasn't representing God in a manner that would have brought Him honor. My prayers weren't as long and appeared short compared to theirs.

When I returned to North Carolina all I wanted to see, more than anything else, were my rose bushes in bloom. That didn't happen for they were barren; there was not a bud anywhere on any of those bushes.

The following morning I was praying to God and begged him to forgive me for not representing him the way a Christian should have. I was crying. For some strange reason, I got up, went to the window in the den, (something I never do). On the first rose bush, as you enter my driveway, was one of the most beautiful peach roses in full bloom.

It was then that I knew God had forgiven me and heard my prayer. I will never doubt that he hears me again.

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