Paid in Full
Submitted by Kathy B.

It was in the later 1980's & my husband had been layed-off from a local company. I had had eye surgery and I needed new glasses which was very important but of course, we didn't have the funds to pay for them. I had had a eye exam and a prescription for glasses so we went to order them at an eye glasses center in the mall. They called me to remind me that my glasses were ready to pick up so I told them that we was getting the money together to pay for them. He told me that they had already been paid in full. I asked him what he had said & he said they were paid in full. The only people who knew we ordered them was me & my husband. I didn't want my mother to pay for them & I knew she would if we told her. I asked who paid for them but he said he didn't know but they were paid in full.

I just know it was an angel. I don't have doubt whatsoever that it wasn't. I know it was!!!

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